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Vates Collard Green Seeds (Brassica Oleracea)

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Very easy to grow even in hot climates, it can grow very well and very easy to care too.

The cholesterol-lowering ability of collard greens may be the greatest of all commonly eaten cruciferous vegetables. In a recent study, steamed collard greens outshined steamed kale, mustard greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage in terms of its ability to bind bile acids in the digestive tract.

When this bile acid binding takes place, it is easier for the bile acids to be excreted from the body. Since bile acids are made from cholesterol, the net impact of this bile acid binding is a lowering of the body's cholesterol level. It's worth noting that steamed collards show much greater bile acid binding ability than raw collards.

Height     : 24" - 36"
Spacing   : 24" - 36"
Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
Water      : Average
Harvest   : 65 - 75 days
Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/2 - 1/4" deep
Size         : 12"
Color       : Green
Use         : Excellent for Salads and Cooking
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