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Strawberry White Alpine (Fragaria Vesca)

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  • Alpine strawberries are relatively easy to grow but they can be frustrating even for experienced gardeners. In many ways the germination process is the most tricky and can be the most frustrating. We start of with some germination tips and move on to some thoughts on a couple of other subjects regarding growing alpine strawberries..
  • I’ve found it best to germinate seeds with peat moss/ spaghnum peat moss because it light, airy and can hold moist longer. Kept moist at all times (not soggy). Surface sow them and don’t cover them. (ot sprinkle thin light soil just to make sure they are held down on the surface. Don’t let the soil dry out even for a few hours. Make sure it get enough sunlight to warm the seeds and give them enegy to germinate.
  • Height     : 6" - 10"
  • Spacing   : 18" -  24"
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water      : Average
    Harvest   : Normally 2nd years
    Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/2" deep
    Color       : White Cream to Pinkish
    Stratify    : 4-6Weeks
    Germinations : 7 -35 days (Sometime takes longer)
    Qty        :  >< 30 Seeds/pack