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Early Nantes Carrot Seeds (Daucus Carota)

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  • Early Nantes are a variety of carrot with long straight roots with an excellent sweet flavour. Very popular in Irish vegetable gardens.
    Scarlet Nantes is most unique characteristic, it has both rounded at the tip of the root and at the bottom and famous for their special sweetness, crisp texture and inconspicuous core. 

    Nantes carrot rich with nutritional value and add additional flavor to soups and stews and making it an indispensable, versatile and fundamental ingredients for culinary use.

    If you want an extremely sweet and tender taste pick it while it still young, at this stage it entirely edible and require no peeling, making them a time efficient culinary asset.

    Nantes carrots can be used in recipes raw, fresh and cooked.

    Grow best in, hummus rich, not soggy loamy or sandy loam soil. Seeds are spread out on a paper tape to maintain equal distances, to avoid thinning.
    Height :12- 18"
    Spacing : 5" - 8'
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water : Average
  • Germination : 7 – 14 days
    Harvest : 110 - 115 days
    Sowing : Sow seeds 1/4" deep
    Size : 6" - 8" 
    Color : Orange 
    Use : Excellent for Raw or Cooking 
    Qty : >< 100 Seeds/pack
    Origin : UK
  • SOW BY : 12/2023