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Swiss Giant Orange Pansy Seeds (Viola x Wittrockiana)-LIMITED

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Large-flowered garden pansy " Swiss Giant Orange Pansy Seeds" here offered in a black-dotted, orange variety, is a highly regarded flower that is fitted both for spring and autumn gardens. Garden pansies belong to biennial plants. 

They take on small habit, growing 6- to 8-inch tall, bright green plants. They are valued for their large, single flowers that consist of five rounded petals. The " Swiss Giant Orange Pansy Seeds" variety has orange petals. 

The lower two are adorned with a black dot. Garden pansies are used for planting on flower beds, borders and in rock gardens. Swiss Giant Orange Pansy Seeds yield beautiful tangerine-orange colored blossoms on stunning. Perfect for containers, borders or edging!

Height: 6 "- 8" 

Spacing: 6 "- 10" 

Sun Light:> Full / Partially 

Water: Average 

Blooms : 30 - 60 days 

Sowing: Sow seeds ¼ "deep 

Germination: 5-10 Days 

Size: 2"-3"

Color: Orange, Black-dotted 

Qty:> <25 Seeds.pack

Origin : UK