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Asian Leafy Green Veggies Seeds Collection - EASY TO GROW

RM 15.00
  • 7 different of Best Taste of Asian Leafy Green Veggies. Very easy to grow, it my favourite choice as I can pick it almost every days and 7 types of  leafy green for 7 days in week, this mean that you can pick a different type of green each day. Good for beginner. 
  • A feast for leafy lovers. This premier collection seeds germinate very well above 85%.
  • This collection includes:
  • 'YU CHOY SUM'-  It has been used as a vegetable in Asian cuisine since ancient times because of a unique source of many essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  (Qty : >< 200 Seeds)
  • 'CANTON PAK CHOY' -  This humble Brassica family vegetable has captured popularity even in the western world for its sweet, succulent nutritious leaves and stalks. (Qty : >< 100 Seeds)
  • 'NAI YOU PAK CHOY DWARF' -  Unique crinkle tick dark green leaf forming a cluster reminiscent of mustard with white stem.(Qty : >< 100 Seeds)
  • 'HUANG JING PAK CHOY'- Very early maturity, heat and humidity resistance, wide adaptability, strong disease resistance, fast growth, light green leaves, slightly wrinkled leaves, taste sweet and delicious, excellent flavor. (Qty : >< 200 Seeds)
  • "KANG KONG" - Gently sweet, mucilaginous, succulent leaves and stems are very much sought-after in the salads, braised and stir-fries. (Qty : >< 100 Seeds)
  • "HONG KONG KALE" - Also know as Gai lan has thick stems and dark green leaves, both of which are edible.  (Qty : >< 100 Seeds)
  • "PAI T-SAI" – Grow this vegetables for it sweet tasting taste,  a mild mustard with crisp tender leaves and stems.(Qty : ><200 Seeds)
  • Total  Seeds : >< 1000 Seeds