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Gourmet Tomato Seeds Collection - TASTE OF HEIRLOOM & GMO FREE TOMATO (Lycopersicon Esceluntum)

RM 18.00
  • Six different gourmet tomatoes.
  • A feast for tomato lovers. This premier collection tomato germinate very well above 85%.
  • Best tomato varieties for taste, flavor, color and size. This collection includes:
  • 'GOLDEN JUBILEE TOMATO'- Big size tomatoes with golden yellow color and tangy flavor Good for Slicing or adding color to your salad. (Qty : >< 25 Seeds)
  • 'PINK PORTER TOMATO' -  Medium size tomato, smooth, perfect for making tomato juice, sauce, salads, and canning  (Qty : >< 15 Seeds)
  • 'MARGLOBE TOMATO' -  An old heirloom variety that has large fruit with a typical size of 8- to 10-ounces, globe shaped tomato with a bright red color. (Qty : >< 25 Seeds)
  • 'LARGE RED CHERRY TOMATO'- An excellent juice salad tomato, grow larger than other cherry types-  1.5" produces high yields tomato in cluster. (Qty : >< 25 Seeds)
  • "SWEETIE TOMATO" - Some said it the sweetest cherry tomato you will ever taste! Small bite-sized tomatoes - 1", produced on vigorous plants. Fruits are good size for eating out of hand, or for salads. (Qty : >< 15 Seeds)
  • "RIO GRANDE TOMATO" Plant produces high yields of large deep red 4 inch long blocky pear shaped tomatoes. Great for hot climates! Great for sauce or juice, salads, salsa, puree or paste and have a mild flavor. (Qty : >< 20 Seeds)
  • Total  Seeds : >< 125 Seeds
  • Origin : USA