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Roquette Arugula Seeds - Salad Rocket (Eruca Sativa)

RM 3.00

Eruca sativa commonly known as Arugula or Edible rocket is an annual plant whose leaves are increasingly used for culinary purposes being consumed raw or cooked. Rocket leaves have a bitter taste, but young and tender leaves or those grown in colder climate tend to be less bitter and considered more suitable for salads. Seeds can also be consumed, and are sometimes used to replace mustard seeds. 

It is very popular in Mediterranean and has a nutty and peppery flavor that is exceptionally strong for a mature green. Generally arugula is an expensive to buy.

Height : 8” – 12”

Spacing : 8” – 10”

Sun Light : > 6 hours to full

Water : Average

Sowing : Sow seeds ¼ - 1//2" deep

Germinations  : 7 -14 days

Harvest : 20 -27 days

Size : 8” – 12”"

Color : Green Wavy leave

Use : Excellent for Making Salad 

Qty : >< 100 Seeds/pack 


Sow by: 12/2023