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Red Wizard Pak Choy F1 Seeds (Brassica Rapa var Chinensis)

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Red Wizard Pak Choy is a dark baby red specialty variety that produce crops that have consistent colour even with summer temperatures. It is a vigorous variety that has good heat and cold tolerance and look as attractive in the garden as they do on the plate. 

Red Wizard' has a more upright habit that makes harvesting easier. At maturity the petioles are light green and have a mild, sweet flavour. 

The leaves can be used raw or cooked from any stage and are perfect for adding colour contrast to both fresh and cooked dishes. They make a colourful addition to a microgreens mix, larger leaves can be used in salads or it can be left to mature and used in stir-fries. 

Harvest in 20 to 25 days for baby leaf or 40 to 50 days to maturity. 

Height : 6” - 8”
Spacing   : 7” - 9”
Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
Water : Average
Harvest   : 20   (baby leaf) - 50 (matured) days
Sowing : Sow seeds  ¼  " deep
Germination : 4 - 7 Days
Size  : 3” to 6”
Color :  Green Stem and Purple Red Leaves
Qty  : >< 100 Seeds/Pack