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Red Mulberry Cutting (Morus rubra L.)

RM 10.00
  • This item is for  6 inches - 5 unrooted cuttings of Red Mulberry tree. 
  • Easy to grow what you need  is plant small branches in small pot with soil that combine equal quantities of sand and peat moss to form a rooting soil. Water the soil in the pots so it is moist but not soaked,  it will grow.
  • Transplant each cutting when the roots fill the small pot, to a 1 gallon grow-out pot filled with potting soil. 
  • Place the rooted cuttings outdoors to harden off in a well-lit area. Continue to water the cuttings.
  • Transplant the mulberry saplings into a sunny area, protected from wind, when they reach 2 to 3 feet in height. Continue to water the saplings until they become well established.
  • Mulberry is any of a group of ornamental trees and shrubs that have small, round sweet fruits known as drupes.
  • The Berries  are sweeet and very juice. Can be use to made juice, jem, ice cream, pie, muffin or eaten them fresh.
  • Mulberry contains  protein, iron, calcium, vitamin K, C, A, B6 and E, fiber, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, manganese, magnesium and antioxidants.
  • QTY : 5 Cutting