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Bright Crimson Godetia Flower Seeds (Godetia Grandiflora)

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Bright Crimson Godetia Flower Seeds  also know asThe Satin Flower, Godetia grandiflora, Godetia amoena, or Clarkia amoena, is a late Spring bloomer, or ‘transitional’ bloomer, as suggested by its common name, “Farewell to Spring”. The Godetias include at least 25 species.

The Godetia flower is a strong bee attractor. It thrives when mass planted and works great as a colorful border. Godetia boasts bright colors that stand out when growing among grasses. 

This flower is related to the Evening Primrose and should be planted in soil with lower nutrient levels. It has been known to grow in soils that are sandy, alkaline or those that contain salt. A Godetia that is planted in rich and nutrient soils will produce more foliage and fewer blooms.

Height : 8" - 20"

Spacing : 24" -36"

Sun Light : . 6 hours - Full

Water : Average

Germination : 7 to 20 Days

Days to Bloom : 40-60 Days

Sowing : Sow seeds 1/16 " deep

Blossom Size : 1.2" – 4"

Color : Crimson Red

Origin : UK

Quantity : >< : 30 Seeds/Pack