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Paper Daisy Mix (Helipterum Manglesii) - LIMITED WHILE STOCK LAST

RM 3.00

Flowers hang from thin stems creating a 'nodding' appearance. Great for native gardens, mass plantings, arid environments, and rockeries. Low maintenance, tolerant of poor soil conditions and drought. Makes a fantastic cut or dried flower. Great for attracting native bees and hoverflies. Also known as "Australian Strawflower", "Swan River Everlasting Daisy" and "Silver Bells".

Excellent for use in flower arranging and drying for crafts. This mix contains a range of colours from red, gold, pink, yellow, purple, salmon, copper and white. 

Height : 15" -20"
Spacing   : 10" -12"
 Sun Light : > Full
 Water : Average
 Blooming : 100 days
 Sowing : Sow seeds  1/16 " deep
Germination : 14 to 21 Days
Size  :  1"
Color :  Mixed
Quantity : >< 30 Seeds/pack

Origin : UK

Sow by : 12/2021