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Korean Mint Licorice Seeds (Agastache Rugosa)

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  • Korean Mint is at all multi-stem plants of 4 feet tall spikes That produces beautiful  purple flower Which will attract bees and beautify the garden.
  • Not a true mint at all, and does not spread.  Use the aniseed flavored teas and young leaves in salads . The anise flavored leaves are heart shaped with serrated edges and are eaten When young. The tall vivid blue / purple flower spikes are long lived summer bloomers, making an excellent location addition to your garden border.
  • Dried leaves are used for tea and as a seasoning.  it can be used to make sweet, soothing herbal tea to ease digestion and calm cold symptoms.Mint is best harvested just before it flowers

  • Height: 36 "- 60" 
    Spacing: 36 "- 48" 
    Sun Light:> 6 hours - Full 
    Water: Average 
    Harvest: 80 - 90days 
    Sowing: Sow seeds ¼ "deep 
    Germination: 7-14 Days 
    Size: 3 'to 5' 
    Color: Green Leaves, Flower Purple
     Qty:> < 25 Seeds/pack