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Golden Globe Turnip Seeds (Brassica rapa)

RM 3.00
  • Introduced just before 1859 but still going robust! This really is one turnip you would like your garden because of its properly shaped 3-4″ amber globes.  Gold Ball is fine grained, smooth, meaty and never woody just like other turnips may be.  A best storage turnip for the root cellar.
  • Turnips may either be cooked, toasted, roasted, fried or had raw. Although turnip is actually a starch veggie just like the potato, consumption of turnip leads to just one third the calories when compared with ingesting comparable quantity of potatoes. The smaller, younger turnips usually are sweet to taste and also have a fragile flavor.
  • Just like various other cruciferous veggies, turnip has the capacity to prevent developing cardiovascular disease.

  • Height     :12"- 18"
    Spacing   : 6" - 9" 
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water      : Average
    Harvest   : 45 -65 days
    Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/2" deep
    Size         : 3" - 4" 
    Color       : Yellowish brown
    Use : Excellent for Raw or Cooking 
    Qty        : >< 40 Seeds/pack