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Goji Berry Seeds (Lycium Barbarum )

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  • Since the early 21st century, interest has increased for wolfberries for their novelty and nutrient value. They have been termed a superfruit, which has led to a profusion of consumer products. In traditional medicine, the whole fruit or its extracts are said to have numerous implied health effects, which remain scientifically unconfirmed as of 2014.

    Keep soil moist until seeds germinate, and then put under bright lights. After the third true leaf emerges, transplant each seedling on to its own individual pot.

    It’s a slow process to grow Goji berries from seed, but once plants are established, they are highly productive. Plants will produce some fruit in the second year of growth, but from year three on, each plant will provide for healthful harvests of Goji berries.

    Height : 48" - 70"

    Spacing : 24" - 48"

    Sun Light : > 6 hours

    Water : Average

    Harvest : Normally 2nd years

    Sowing : Sow seeds 1/2" deep

    Color : Red

    Germination : 7 - 14 days

    Qty : ><25 Seeds/pack

    Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Moderately difficult

    (Not for beginner but for :Tried and Error Gardener)


    Origin : UK