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Ishikura Onion seeds (Allium Fistulosum)

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A vigorous Japanese bunching onion with long, slender white stalks and no bulbing. Standard salad crop for bunching; relatively low maintenance, and some varieties are also suitable for overwintering for early lifting. Suitable for fresh market and prepack use. 

This perennial oriental bunching onion doesn't produce bulbs but forms clumps of elongated, straight white stems similar spring onions. Alternatively the stems can be earthed up to produce leek-like stems. Onion 'Ishikura' can be harvested when pencil-thin or left to grow as thick as a mature carrot.  

Height     : 12" - 18"
 Spacing   : 6" - 12"
 Sun Light : > 6 hours/Partly
 Water      : Average
 Harvest   : 60 - 70 days
 Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/4" deep
 Size         : 12" - 16"
 Color       : White Bottom, bright Green Top
 Use : Excellent for Salad, Sandwich, Snack, Cooking
 Qty      :  >< 30 Seeds/pack

Origin : UK