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Compatto Dill Seeds (Anethum Graveolens)

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  • Dill is an easy herb to grow with a nice aroma and is versatile to use. Fresh dill is great in herb butters, soups, salads, and fish dishes. Once the plant goes to seed stop cutting for fresh use. Allow the seed heads to form and dry completely. 

    Harvesting the seeds can by done easily by hand. Use seeds for pickling, on roasts, stews, vegetables, or grind up to use as a substitute for salt. 'Compatto' is a somewhat shorter, more compact version of dill. It is a great choice for growing in containers.

    Height : 18" - 20"

    Spacing : 12" - 16'

    Sun Light : > 6 - Full

    Water : Average

    Harvest : 75 - 90 days

    Sowing : Sow seeds 1/4" deep

    Size : > 36” 

    Color : Flower Bright Yellow

    Use : Excellent for as a pickling spice, food flavoring, and garnish

    Qty : >< 30 Seeds/pack


    Sow by : 12/2022

    Origin : UK