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Cosmic Purple Carrot Seeds (Daucus Carota)

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  • Did you know that before the 17th century, almost all cultivated carrots were deep purple, almost black, in color? Today, the purple carrot is making a comeback as health-conscious consumers are showing interest in this funky-looking heirloom vegetable. 
  • While purple carrots provide many of the same health benefits a orange carrot, they also offer some extraordinary nutritional benefits due to their high concentration of anthocyanins. For those who don't have a background in nutritional sciences, anthocyanins are flavonoid pigments that give many blue, purple, and black vegetables and berries their intense hues and strong health-boosting properties.

  • Height     :12- 18"
    Spacing   : 5" - 8'
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water      : Average
    Harvest   : 65 -72 days
    Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/4" deep
    Size         : 6" - 7"
    Color       : Purple
    Use : Excellent for Raw or Cooking
    Qty        :  >< 40 Seeds/pack