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Peppermint Zinnia Mixed Flowers Seeds (Zinnia Elegans)-LIMITED

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  • Peppermints Zinnia is a must-have for any Zinnia lover. Large, dahlia-flowering blooms are striped and speckled red, white and may mixed with other zinnia type offering a fun and unique look both in the garden and cut for bouquets. With no bloom looking exactly the same, this variety delights all season long and being extremely easy to grow. 

    Good full sun is really all that's required, although some of the newer hybrids will even bloom in partial shade. As for water, they don't need much, since they're from hot desert-like habitats.

    Height : 24" -30"

    Spacing : 18" - 24"

    Sun Light : > Sun

    Water : Average

    Blooms : 45 - 60 days

    Sowing : Sow seeds 1/16 " deep

    Germinations : 4 to 7 Days

    Size : 4" - 5"

    Color : Mixed Color

    Quantity: >< 20 Seeds/pack

    Origin : UK