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Brussels Sprout Groninger Seeds (Brassica Oleracea)

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Ideal for large quality sprouts over along period. Deep green colour. All brassica crops grow best in partial-shade
The small sprouts or buds form heads one to two inches in diameter. They may be picked (or cut) off the stem when they are firm and about one inch in size.

The lower sprouts mature first.
The lower most leaves, if they have not been removed already, should be removed when the sprouts are harvested.
 Harvest sprouts before the leaves yellow when the sprouts are small, compact and bright green. Avoid yellowing sprouts with signs of wilt rot or insect damage. Harvest sprouts when they are no larger than 2.5cm to 4cm (1 to 1½in) in diameter.

Height     :18" - 24"
Spacing   : 18" - 28"
Sun Light : > Partial Shade
Water      : Average
Harvest   : 100 - 140days
Sowing    : Sow seeds  1/4" - 1/2" deep
Size         : 1" - 2" Diameter
Color       :  Deep Green
Use : Excellent for Salad, Sandwich, Cooking
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