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Broad Leaf Thyme Herb Seeds (Thymus Pulegoides)

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  • Thymus pulegoides, commonly known as Broadleaf thyme is a very large leafed species regarded by many as the ultimate culinary thyme. 
    Broad-leaved thyme is a creeping dwarf evergreen sub-shrub with strongly aromatic leaves and lilac pink flowers in early summer. 
  • Growing to around 10 - 12 in tall by 12 - 20 in wide, it is suitable for cultivation in any well-drained alkaline or neutral soil in full sun. 
  • This variety is very ornamental, it is rather similar to Thymus serpyllum but is larger, the leaves are wider and all the stems form flowering shoots. It can be useful as a groundcover, perfect for planting in between paving stones or cascading off the edge of a raised bed, it makes a lovely, summer flowering scented edge for a sunny herb garden.
  • Broad-leaved thyme has large, fleshy dark green, round leaves. It is an excellent culinary thyme and is considered to be the thyme of choice by many chefs and home cooks alike. The aromatic leaves have a stronger flavour and are much easier to use than narrow leaved varieties and sometime also know as Lemon Thyme. The leaves are softer and can be used whole or chopped, snipped into little bits they just melt into the dish. 
  • Height   : 10" - 12"
    Spacing   : 12” - 20 ”
    Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
    Water : Average - Dry
    Harvest   : 85 days
    Sowing : Sow seeds 1/16 " deep
    Germination : 10 – 24 Days
    Size  : Larger then other Thyme leaf
    Color : Gray Green Leaves; Lilac Flower
    Use :  Excellent to cook lamb, poultry or fish & Potpourri
     Qty  : >< 50 Seeds/Pack
  • Note : Thyme seeds are hard to germinate and can take a long time to sprout.