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Bee Balm Seeds (Monarda Citridora - Bergamot Lemon Mint)

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Monarda is a genus consisting of roughly 16 species of flowering plants in the mint family. The genus isendemic to North America. Common names include bee balm,horsemint, oswego tea, and bergamot, the latter inspired by the fragrance of the leaves, which is reminiscent of bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia).The genus was named for the Spanish botanist Nicols Monardes.

Bee Balm is edible and medicinal, the entire plant above ground is edible used as a pot herb, and it is also used as a flavoring in cooked foods. The flowers make an attractive edible garnish in salads.The plant is noted for its fragrance, and is a source of oil of thyme. The fresh or dried leaves are brewed into a refreshing aromatic and medicinal tea.

Bee Balm leaves and flowers and stems are used in alternative medicine as an antiseptic, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic and stimulant. An infusion is medicinal used internally in the treatment of colds, catarrh, headaches, and gastric disorders, to reduce low fevers and soothe sore throat, to relieve flatulence, nausea, menstrual pain, and insomnia. 

Steam inhalation of the plant can be used for sore throats, and bronchial catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane, causing an increased flow of mucus). Externally, it is a medicinal application for skin eruptions and infections.

Bergamot’s distinctive aroma, found in both the leaf and flower is wonderful for use in potpourri.

Height : 12" - 36"

Spacing : 15” - 18 ” 

Sowing : Sow seeds ¼ " deep

Sun Light : > Sun - Part Shade

Water : Average - Dry

Germination : 10 – 30 Days

Harvest : 75 - 80 days

Size : Medium size Leaf

Color : Pink Flower 

Use : Leaves used raw or cooked for flavoring in salads, cooked foods, and drinks

Qty : >< 50 Seeds/Pack

Origin : UK


SOW BY : 12/2023