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Baron Von Solemacher Alpine Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria Vesca)

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The Baron Von Solemacher Alpine Strawberry is an antique German variety that yields dainty clusters of deep red, sweet and juicy berries

It can be easily grown on all plots. It is best to plant it at intervals of 6" - 10" in a rows and 12" - 18" betweens the rows.

There are no special soil requirements. However, it should be remembered that the better the soil we provide it, the better and bigger fruit we will get. The most important thing is to provide it with plenty of sunshine and moist and rich soil rich in minerals, because it does not produce a deep root system. Avoid clay, sandy and gravel soils that, when dry, crack and damage the root system. The most suitable soil pH for wild strawberries is 5.5-6.5. Before planting wild strawberries, you need to prepare the soil, adding composted manure.

Height : 6" - 10"

Spacing : 18" - 24"

Sun Light : > 6 hours

Water : Average 

Sowing : Sow seeds 1/4" deep

Germination : 14 - 30 Days 

Harvest : 1st year

Color : Red

Size : Small then Standard S/berry

Quantity : >< 30 Seeds/Pack

Germination rate : 85%

Origin : UK