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Maiden Pink Seeds (Dianthus Deltoides)

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Maiden Pinks Dianthus Deltoides is a herbaceous perennial plant native to Europe and Asia. Maiden Pinks seeds are easy to grow, and they germinate fast, so unlike many perennials, Dianthus Deltoides blooms from seed the first year. 

The vast range of maiden pink varieties offers just as vast an array of possible colors.

This small perennial is nonetheless always very generous in flowering and it helps to furnish your flower beds, edges, low walls, rocky surfaces and garden boxes.

With bright colors and very fragrant, seize the opportunity of mixing several species within the same flower bed.

Note that it grows really fast.

If quickly overtakes any weeds.

Perfect for edging, low patio pots and rockeries, these superb dianthus flowers make long lasting and delicate flower arrangements

Height : 8” - 12”

Spacing : 6” - 10”

Sun Light : > 6 hours - Part Shade

Water : Average -Dry

Sowing : Sow seeds 1/8 " deep

Germination : 5- 14 Days

Color : Pink

Flower Size : 1 - 1/2" 

Flowering : 2-4 month after sowing

Qty : > 30 seeds/pack

Germination rate : 85%

Origin : UK


Sow by: 12/2022