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Dear Customer, Welcome to My Lestary Seeds, On-line vegetables seeds shop specially for our Malaysian Vegetables grown lovers.

We wants each of you to have your own "Kitchen Garden", it is fun, it rewarding and it is not difficult at all. My Lestary Seeds will make you much more easier in finding vegetables and fruits seeds you love to grows in your backyard.

Please take the opportunity to view the seeds we have offer you and lets start growing your own vegetables now.
Kindly read the instruction "How to Order" & "Shipping Information" before placing your order. 


 A step further for you ..Our Valued Customer and new beginner gardener. We have created new sub content page under "Catalog" labeled as " TESTED SEEDS",  it will /listed all the seeds that we have tried that germinated very well and that we recommend.

Please give us sometimes to add more in this column as we will from time to time will tested the seeds and this may taking some time, as we lack of staff and space to do this so.

We know that, germination issues happen every time and challenge many new and experienced gardeners and growers and we hope this will help you in making you decision on what to grow and what to expect.

InsyAllah, we will get rid all of the seeds that does't not germinating at all, once we have tried it from our list and replaced it with new items.

We may published the picture of successful germination seeds or growing plant on our instagram  and update it from time to time so that you can have a look.

We also notice that lot of commonality in why some of our customers have problems with seed germination. There is four biggest issues.. soil temperature, moisture levels, knowledge or experience and patience

Later on will put this guide together to help everyone learn where the problems lie and make changes to become more successful in your gardening.

Best Regards



Dear Valued Customer !

Our  Email address has changed, please update your records.