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Red Strawberry Seeds (Fragaria Ananassa)

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  • Growing strawberries from seeds can be a little trickier than growing them from small plants.

    They can take a while to germinate and tend to be slow growing. Many will only produce small fruits or small yields. You also need to forgo the crop in the first year if you want a much healthier plant and more vigorous crop the following year.
  • Growing strawberries from seeds
  • Start in early spring. Use a seed tray to start them off in.Seedlings will do best in a very slightly acidic soil - mix in a small handful of ericaceous soil to your potting mix or compost to give them a fighting chance.
  • Tip: The seeds are more likely to germinate if they have been sat in the freezer for a week or two before being sown.
  • Sprinkle your seeds onto the soil and then lightly sprinkle a thin layer of sieved compost or potting mix over them - just enough to cover the seeds.
  • Moisten with water (a spray bottle works well) and allow to germinate on a windowsill or in daylight for anything up to a month. Keep the soil moist to the touch but not wet, and do not allow it to dry out or they will die quickly.

  • Height     : 8" - 12"
    Spacing   : 18" -  24"
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water      : Average
    Harvest   : Normally 2nd years
    Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/2" deep
    Color       : Red
    Stratify    : 3- 5 Weeks
    Germinations : 7 - 35 days (Sometime takes longer)
    Qty        :  >< 30 Seeds/pack