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Komatsuna Rapido F1 (Brassica Rapa)

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This is an improved  Komatsuna that are easy and fast growing vegetables. It has a firm leaves that are spinach like flavour. The common name of Mustard Spinach can be rather confusing, it is not at all pungent and has a very mild brassica flavour. 

Komatsuna does not make full hearts, but matures to make lovely roundish emerald green leaves that sit atop perfectly juicy stems. This leafy green is the Japanese equivalent of our Spring Cabbage; the leaves are great in salads or simply cooked as you would spinach. Stir fry or steam as an easily prepared and very tasty and nutritious leafy vegetable. 

Height :  12” - 18 ”
Spacing   : 6” - 9”
Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
Water : Average
Harvest   : 24 days - Baby leaf to 55 days -Mature 
Sowing : Sow seeds  ¼ " deep
Germinations : 2- 10 Days
Size  : 6” – 12”
Color : Green
Use : Excellent for Stir Frying
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