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Colorful Easter Egg Radish Seeds (Raphanus Sativus)

RM 3.00
  • Radishes, in their early forms, come from the ancient civilizations of China, Greece, and Egypt; soon, surrounding nations also cultivated this vegetable. While the Oriental nations cultivated the large, elongated radishes, most of the more delicate round varieties such as Easter Egg were developed by the Dutch and the French.
  • Radishes are a very good source of vitamin C – 25% of the daily recommended value – helping to rebuild tissues and blood vessels, and keeping bones and teeth strong. Vitamin C fights disease and rescues the cells from an onslaught of destructive free radicals. This is done through electrolytes and natural antioxidant action of this one vitamin, increasing immunity of the body, and helping to fight against all kinds of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke.
  • Height     :3"- 6"
    Spacing   : 3"
    Sun Light : > 6 hours
    Water      : Average
    Harvest   : 25 -28 days
    Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/2" deep
    Size         : 3/4" - 1 1/2"
    Color       : Mixed
    Use : Excellent for Raw or Cooking
    Qty        : ><20 Seeds/pack