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{C}{C}1.     {C}{C}Find the Product(s) that you want to purchase. Click on the "Cart Icon"

{C}{C}2.     {C}{C}Don't worry if you make any wrong order. You will be given an option to remove product/s, and adjust quantities later before checkout or by clicking "Cart Icon" on the top at the right side of every webs pages at any time.

{C}{C}3.     {C}{C}When you're ready to submit your order, you can either click the "Cart Icon" at the top or you can just click "Checkout" in the small window that appear right below.

{C}{C}4.     {C}{C}Then proceed with "Checkout " button,

{C}{C}5.     {C}{C}If you are new and have not register click "Register" and fill-up the "Account Information", ie: Name, Email Address, Password & Gender. Please make sure your email is correctly type or else you will never get the feedback from us. Then click "Register Now".

{C}{C}6.     {C}{C}You will be direct back to front pages, do not worry, just click "Cart Icon" or "Checkout " button, then your shopping list will appear, Click "Checkout"  button, You will be direct to "Checkout Secure". Fill in your phone Number and address for billing / Delivery, then click "Continue" button.

{C}{C}7.     {C}{C}Choose your "Delivery Method" correctly, Please choose your delivery method according to :-  i) "Cart Total " ....... ii) “Delivery Address” (Peninsula or Sabah/Sarawak).

{C}{C}8.     {C}{C}Standard Shipping Fee for order below RM 50 you have two option, 1.  Post Malaysia (Regular Post - 4 -14 of Working Days) for delivery address within Malaysia is RM 1.00 and 2. Post Laju (1 -3 of Working Days) for Peninsula M'sia - RM6.00 and Sabah/Sarawak RM 10.00.

{C}{C}9.     {C}{C}If your "Cart Total" above RM50-RM100 you get "FREE REGULAR POST" (will automatically Marked)  or if you choose POST LAJU as Delivery Method you are qualified for discount of RM 3.00,  and if your "Delivery Address" within Peninsular Malaysia, please  "marked  Shipping Fee  : RM 3.00 and Sabah/Sarawak - "marked Shipping Fee : RM 7.00.

{C}{C}10.                        {C}{C}"Cart Total" above RM101-RM159 : discount of RM 6.00  for POST LAJU METHOD ; If your :Delivery Address" within Peninsular Malaysia it will "automatically Marked" just continue your checkout and for  Sabah/Sarawak, please "marked Shipping Fees : RM 4.00 before continue.

{C}{C}11.                        {C}{C}"Delivery Address" in Sabah/Sarawak with the "Cart Total" are above RM160.00 you will get free POST LAJU and it will automatically marked for you, just "continue" checkout.

{C}{C}12.                        {C}{C}Choose your "Payment Method":- Paypal/Maybank2u/Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer, If you pay by Cash Deposit or Bank Transfer, Click "Pay Now" to get the information of the Bank Name and   Account No. for you to transfer or Bank In.  If you done with your payment kindly please inform us regarding of it : ie. Your Bank Name date, amount, & Order ID No.

{C}{C}13.                        {C}{C}This can be done by log in to your account and download the info file or email to us -

{C}{C}14.                        {C}{C}After payment done, we will process your order and inform you the delivery confirmation by email or you can check it by login to your account in our website.

{C}{C}15.                        {C}{C}It's quick and very easy.  Enjoy Your Shopping!!!



1. Please not that if by mistake you have selected wrong "Shipping Fee", and we are short on shipping fees, we will removed an item/few items to cover the "Shipping Fees"

2. We will substitute any seeds that you order if it is out of stock with other seeds and hope you okay with this yaa.

3. Note on Same Kind of Seeds Ordered

Your order will be sent with items of the same kind in a combined Quantities pack. for example if you ordered three packet of the same item/seeds that contain 100 seeds/pack, you will received one pack of 300 seeds.


Happy Shopping !


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